Spoonful of Sugar/Jolly Holiday Medley

Sherman & Sherman
Men's four part

Tenor: C4- B flat 4
Lead: D3-F4
Bari: E flat 3 - E flat 4
Bass: A flat 2 - B flat 3

Designed as the opener for the Mary Poppins show package commissioned by the Cottontown Chorus in 2010, this picks up two unremittingly cheerful tunes from the musical to set the scene. It has an attention-grabbing introduction, but thereafter keeps things light - full of joie de vivre, and with plenty of opportunity for entertaining staging, but not overshadowing the fireworks to come. The tag is likewise relatively understated to facilitate flow into the rest of the show set.

The other songs in this package are:

Mary Poppins Medley (Chim-chiminee, Step in Time and Supercalifragilistic...)
Feed the Birds
Let's Go Fly a Kite