Mary Poppins Medley

Sherman & Sherman
Men's four part

Tenor: C#4 - C5
Lead: D3 - G4
Bari: F#3 - F#4
Bass: A2 - C4

This arrangement was commissioned by the Cottontown Chorus as part of a contest package along with 'Feed the Birds'. They also commissioned two more arrangements from the movie to make up a full show package.

It opens with 'Chim-Chiminey', sung freely and quietly to set the scene (as the song does in the movie of course), then moves into 'Step in Time'. An interlude of 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' keeps the same basic tempo but introduces a more conversational mood for a bit of respite, then the return of 'Step in Time' builds the excitement up again.

It is an extravagant show-tune, designed to give plenty of opportunity for choreographic as well as vocal pizzazz, and demands both physical and imaginative stamina to pull it off.

Here is a video of the entire show set, performed in rather cramped conditions for their choreographic vision, but nonetheless with their characteristic integrity of tone.

The other songs in this package are:

Spoonful of Sugar/Jolly Holiday Medley
Feed the Birds
Let's Go Fly a Kite