I'm Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody

Caesar/Brammer/Casucci, Roger/Williams,
Men's four part

Tenor: C4 to B flat 4
Lead: E flat 3 to F4
Bari: E flat 3 to E4
Bass: A flat 2 to B flat 3

Since Louis Prima combined these two early-20th century songs into a medley in 1956, they have lived on in a performance tradition that has seen multiple covers from Lou Bega's Latin feel to the Village People.

This arrangement was commissioned to form a contest package along with 'What Kind of Fool Am I?', telling the story of a party animal who gradually realises how empty his life is without genuine love. It features details that those who know the Louis Prima tradition will recognise, but develops the medley to bring the causal connection between the two songs more clearly to the fore: our protagonist is lonely because of his gigolo lifestyle.

Here it is sung by T-Sing at its contest premiere in 2019: