Personalised Services for Arrangers

I offer personalised advice and guidance on your arranging work, tailored to your particular needs. Areas I can help with include:

  • technical questions of harmony, voicing and voice-leading
  • artistic questions of structure, texture and embellishment
  • performance questions of register, placement and breath management
  • editorial questions of notation and readibility

In all formats of advice, my aim is both to respond to your current burning questions, and to raise your awareness to new areas to which you could usefully give attention in future.

One-to-one tutorials

For those who live within travelling distance of Birmingham, I can offer one-to-one tutorials on either a regular or one-off basis. These sessions offer the opportunity to get specific, intensive help where you most need it. This is charged at £35/hour. Get in touch to make a booking.

Advice by correspondence:

I offer advice by correspondence in two formats:

  1. Prioritised feedback: for a fixed fee of £40 I will spend an hour studying and writing feedback on your arrangement. This may not (probably won’t) cover all the points that could be made, but it will identify the most pressing issues that need work and offer guidance on how to go about this. This format will identify examples of particular issues and how to solve them, but won’t identify every instance.
  2. Comprehensive feedback: For those who want detailed feedback, I will spend up to six hours on in-depth analysis and advice. This will include comprehensive annotations on your score as well as advice on more strategic questions. This advice will be charged at £40/hour, so please say if you wish to set an upper limit for the time I spend on your work.

The turn-around for advice for correspondence is usually 1-2 weeks, and I will give more specific time-scales at the time of booking.

If you are sending work by email, please send in either Sibelius (.sib) format or as a PDF document plus midi file. (The midi file is not essential, but expedites the process so you’ll get better value from the time spent.) If you are sending work by post, please include a stamped, addressed envelope for the reply.

Contact me by email or phone for enquiries and bookings.