Perfect Holiday

Dave Whittle
Other voicings

Tenor 1: E4 - B4
Tenor 2: B3 - G#4
Lead 1: F#3 - E4
Lead 2: F#3 - E4
Bari 1: E3 - E4
Bari 2: D3 - E4
Bass 1: F#2 - A3
Bass 2: D2 - A3

This is pure, good time summer music, at once evoking memories of other famous going-on-vacation songs and speaking with its own individual voice.

The a cappella arrangement was commissioned by the songwriter for his octet. It starts off simply, but gradually builds up to exploit the possibilities of an eight-voice ensemble as a means to capture the exuberance of the original.

Here is a video of the song-writer singing it in his multi-track Choir of Dave

“Perfect Holiday”
Written By David Whittle
Published by Maori Music (c) 2015