Don't Stop Me Now

Freddie Mercury
Women's four part
Men's four part

Men's key:
Tenor: B flat 3 – D5 (with alt note C3)
Lead: F3 – B flat 4 (with alt note C3)
Bari: F3 – G4 (with alt note C3)
Bass: F2 – F#4

Women's key:
Tenor: F4 – A5 (with alt note G3)
Lead: C4 – F5 (with alt note G3)
Bari: C4 – D5 (with alt note G3)
Bass: D3 – B4

One of Queen’s all-time great feel-good songs. It is impossible to sing or hear this song without getting an immediate boost to your mood. Go on, try singing ‘I am a sex-machine’ without smiling.

It is published in the women's key by the BHS, and is available here:

The men's version is available through Sheet Music Plus.

Here it is sung by the UK's National Barbershop Youth Chorus in 2009 (starting at 6:22):