Three Lions (Football's Coming Home)

Men's four part

Tenor: B3 - B4
Lead: E3 - E4
Bari: E3 - G4
Bass: G2 - C4

This classic anthem of support for the England football team blends endless optimism with the awareness of all the times those hopes have come to nothing, and is thus emotionally relevant whether the team wins or loses. It also has some great chords in it, so is eminently suitable for close-harmony a cappella singing.

The arrangement includes space to include some quotes from classic football commentary should you want to add that to your performance, and also comes with both a low and a high ending. If you're aiming for a wistful feel evoking the fade-out of the original song, the low tag will be best; if you are expecting a high-energy, audience-singalong occasion, building to the high tag will work better.