(I've Had) The Time of My Life

Other voicings

Female tenor: F4 - E5
Female lead: A3 - D5
Female baritone: C4 - C5
Female bass: D3 - D4

Male tenor: B3- B4
Male lead: D3 - A4
Male baritone: D3 - F 4
Male bass: G2 - B3

This arrangement recasts the classic love duet from the film Dirty Dancing for double quartet or double chorus. Like the original, it explores its material in a variety of guises, from a lush and dreamy opening, through a driving groove as the verses build up to the declarative, ecstatic choruses.

It is crafted to give the singers fun connections within the ensemble. The music for each of the two ensembles clearly isn't complete without the other, but has enough cohesiveness to make it productive to rehearse separately in preparation for putting it together. Then, when you do, you not only get the interactions between male and female melody singers from the original duet, but lots of teamwork between male and female harmony parts in building riffs and embellishments together.