This is Me

Benj Pasek/Justin Paul
Other voicings

Tenor: D4 - G5
Lead: A3 - E5
Bari: C#4 - D5
Bass: G3 - E4

Descant 1: D4 - F#5
Descant 2: D4 - D5

This ballad from The Greatest Showman carries a powerful message of the inherent worth of all humans that resonates far beyond the context of the film's story. The arrangement was commissioned for a video project in which a women's barbershop chorus collaborated with a charity for Downes Syndrome Awareness week. It was thus designed such that people who knew the original could sing along with what they knew while the chorus provided an a cappella accompaniment.

It also works as a stand-alone arrangement, with an optional double descant for the final passage to add extra opulence to the ending.