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As long-term readers will know, for some years I ran a Mutual Mentoring Scheme for Arrangers. This initially emerged as the number of requests I was getting for help grew unmanageable, combined with a realisation about how much I had learned about arranging from helping others. I could have dealt with the first factor just by starting to charge for my time (which I also do if you are still interested in getting my help), but that wouldn't give everyone else the educational benefit of analysing other people's work in progress.

So, the scheme ran for a number of years, initially with a very high take-up, but dropping off gradually over the years as the initial pent-up demand worked itself through. But also, perhaps, as some people found they didn't have the 'time' (by which they really mean 'head space') to participate as fully as they might have intended. Some pairs worked very productively, others less so.

And so I decided, without fanfare, to stop running it. I figured that if I didn't do anything, should people miss it, they would tell me, and I would start again. And nobody did, so I didn't.

Until this week, that is, when I received a query from someone interested in taking part. So, it's time to test the waters. If you'd like to participate in a new round of this scheme, please leave a comment below.

I'm asking for a response in this form, by the way, as it is a more overt statement of intent. It's easy enough to wing off an email in a fit of enthusiasm and then quietly not do anything more as real life intervenes once again. But that is miserable for whomever you get paired with. So as I actually need to hear from people who are willing to commit to making it work, I'm making the opt-in method that bit more public. Raising the stakes, if you like.

I don't really know what it entails but could well be interested, (headspace permitting).

Thanks for your comment, Beck, and nice to hear from you! There are links within the post with rather more detail about the nitty-gritty of how it works and amount of commitment it involves which would help you gauge head-space availability levels :)

I'm interested, great that you wanna do it again!

I'm interested too :)

Dear Liz,

I would like to participate. I'm considering starting up a male barbershop chorus. The Cottontown chorus's website mentions your bespoke arrangements. Incidentally, you taught when I was at Colchester.

Thanks for the website - such useful stuff!

How nice to hear from you, Sam - your name did ring a bell :-)

Thanks for the expressions of interest. Looks like we can set up a few pairings. Expect an email to set it up shortly.

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