The Two-Dimensional Music Team: Functions and Roles

The Two-Dimensional Music Team: Functions and Roles

Developing a shared understanding of the various functions a music team performs and how these intersect with the dynamics of team roles help a group work both more effectively and more happily.

Summary Description 

Any team works in two dimensions: on one hand the functions that team exists to fulfill, and on the other the dynamic that emerges between its members as they work together. Music team members are generally appointed with a strong focus on the specialist skills needed for the individual posts rather than the range of character and interpersonal styles needed for a balanced team. This workshop takes the team through a structured analysis of both dimensions so as to ensure that each individual and the group as a whole are able to operate productively and confidently.

Who is it suitable for? 

Those who are involved in the musical leadership of their choir - directors, assistant directors, section leaders, vocal coaches, performance coaches.


By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Have agreed on all the functions the team needs to fulfill for the choir, and which team members are responsible for each
  • Have identified any development needs to support the fulfillment of those functions
  • Understand how the interpersonal dynamics of the individuals within the team help or hinder its effectiveness
  • Have developed some strategies to make the most of these insights in the way they share out tasks and collaborate as a team.

The workshop starts with an analysis of the Music Team's functions, facilitating negotiations within the team about responsibilities, interests and development needs. It then overlays this with an analysis of team roles as they play out within that collection of personalities, encouraging reflection on what insights the team can draw from it about their experience of working together.

The first part of the workshop is entirely discussion-based. The second part combines discussion with short sessions of practical music-making as part of the discovery process.


Resource document that summarises the concepts introduced and activities undertaken during the workshop, and gives suggestions for further reading and practical resource suggestions.

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