Summer Nights

Warren Casey & Jim Jacobs
Other voicings

Women's parts:
Tenor: D4 - E5
Lead: A3 - E5
Bari: A3 - B4
Bass: F3 - F#4
Men's parts:
Tenor: A3 - C5
Lead: D3 - G4
Bari: D3 - F4
Bass: A flat 2 - B flat 3

This was commissioned for the combined male and female barbershop youth choruses of Great Britain. Of course, the singers were all far too young to remember the movie, but all their parents had a great nostalgia trip with it.

It is available from the Barbershop Harmony Society:

Here's a link to a performance by Heartbeat and the Cottontown chorus.

And another performance at a Harmony Explosion youth camp in 2013.