Seasons of Love

Jonathan Larson
Other voicings

Tenor: E Flat 4 - F5
Lead: B flat 3 - D flat 5
Bari: B flat 4 - C5
Bass: E flat 3 - E flat 4
Descant: G4 - F5

This joyful number from the musical Rent was commissioned in memory of a chorus member who had recently passed away, and is a wonderful choice for such a tribute.

The second verse sees the melody handed around between different parts, both to reference the use of solos in this point in the musical, and to give all members of the chorus the opportunity to feel they have had an opportunity to connect with their friend.

A descant over the final chorus is optional: it adds extra sonic opulence to the ending, but can be omitted if performing in a smaller group.

Here it is sung as a virtual choir project by Cheshire A Cappella: