Right Here Right Now

Other voicings

Female Tenor: F4 - E flat 5
Female Lead: C4 - C5
Female Bari: B flat 3 - C5
Female Bass: F3 - f4

Male Tenor: C4 - B flat 4
Male Lead: A3 - F4
Male Bari: G3 - E flat 4
Male Bass: G2 - F3

Fatboy Slim's classic house anthem is an extravaganza of layering and timbral variety. Bringing it into the world of acoustic a cappella (i.e. possible to sing both without amplification and without looping tech) has all kinds of interesting challenges from both technical and artistic perspectives. We may not have percussion at our disposal, but we can play with a wide variety of vocables to create different sonic textures, and by handing off phrases between singers you not only get the opportunity to manage breathing, but get to create all kinds of fun patterns of interplay.

None of the parts are vocally challenging but they all require secure rhythmic skills and a high level of mutual awareness within the ensemble. The arrangement was conceived for a one-per-part ensemble; as a double chorus number it will have an impressive extra dimension of sound but need even more careful attention to balance for the interactions between parts to work effectively.