The Parting Glass

Women's four part
Men's four part
Other voicings

Female Tenor: E flat 4 - E flat 5
Female Lead: B flat 3 - C5
Female Bari: B flat 3 - C5
Female Bass: E flat 3 - G4

Male Tenor: D4 - B flat 4
Male Lead: B flat 2 - E flat 4
Male Bari: G3 - E flat 4
Male Bass: F2 - C4

This setting of the traditional Scottish song of farewell is designed as an 8-part arrangement that male and female quartets or choruses can sing together to finish a joint performance, as well as two separate 4-part arrangements for the respective groups to use when they're not sharing the stage. It was conceived to address the 'cost-per-wear' problem of special occasion pieces that only get performed occasionally but still need rehearsing to the same standard as the rest of the set.

The melody is taken for the most part by the male basses and female leads, then handed off to female basses and male leads for the 3rd phrase of each verse. The first verse is homophonic, while the second explores a variety of melody+accompaniment textures before restoring the harmonic texture to introduce a tag that blossoms out from unison.

It is available to purchase in all three versions: women's four-part, men's four-part, and combined voices 8-part.

It is featured in this video as a New Year's greeting virtual choir project: