Mr Blue Sky

Jeff Lynne
Women's four part
Men's four part
Other voicings

Male voices:

Tenor: A3 - C5
Lead: D3 - F4
Bari: C3 - G4
Bass: G2 - C4

Mixed voices:
Tenor: D4 - E5
Lead: F#3 - A#4
Baritone: E3 - B4
Bass: B3 - E4

Women's voices:
Tenor: E4 - G5
Lead: A3 - C5
Baritone: G3 - D5
Bass: D3 - G4

It is a crazy project to take a song from a rock group whose very name evokes both the extravagance of their instrumentation and their use of technological interventions, and render it into a 4-part a cappella texture, isn't it? And yet, the Electric Light Orchestra's optimistic and uplifting tune works its cheerful magic just as happily in this version, as popularised by Reckless quartet:

Disclaimer: I don't think this arrangement sits on female voices especially easily, but have been persuaded into transposing it by a couple of very accomplished ensembles who have the range. For people with normal skills: approach with care.