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Short post today with a bit of personal news. I shall be standing down as Musical Director of the Telfordaires at our AGM at the end of July. I won't trouble you with the reasons for the decision, but I would like to reassure both my friends and friends of the chorus that it's not that I love either the chorus or the people in it any less. We've had some wonderful times together over the past five and half years, and I hope always to feel part of the Telfordaires family.

This means of course that the chorus is looking for a new MD. So if you know anyone within sensible travelling distance of Telford who might be interested, please do let them know!

As for me, I'm not done with conducting choirs - I enjoy it and feel I'm getting reasonably good at it. But I will be taking a bit of a break from weekly rehearsals, and taking the opportunity to do things you can't do with a regular commitment. Like coaching any night of the week, for example, or going for trips over any combination of days rather than dovetailed around chorus night. I expect to be looking for new opportunities to start in 2024, so if you hear of anything you think might be a good fit, do let me know.

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