It Must be Love

Labbi Siffre
Women's four part
Men's four part

Women's voicing:
Tenor: E flat 4 - F5
Lead: B flat 3 - C5
Bari: B flat 3 - B flat 4
Bass: E flat 3 - F4

Men's voicing:
Tenor: A3 - A4
Lead: E3 - E4
Bari: E3 - E4
Bass: A2 - B3

This song was made famous for people of my generation by Madness, but those just a little older may remember the original version as sung by Labbi Siffre himself.

This arrangement draws on the Madness version in the rhythmic feel of its riffs, but honours the song-writer's request to use all the correct lyrics (and I've highlighted the place where Madness don't so you can make sure to get it right too).

Here's a link to a performance in the men's key.