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As this website has been getting nearer and nearer to being ready to be launched, I've kept thinking that I ought to do a bit of research into what the done thing is for one's very first blog post. But somehow, there have always been more pressing things to do - like getting the arrangements catalogue ready, or uploading cartoons.

The thing is, I don't think inaugural entries get read very much. By definition, the blog hasn't had much chance to build up a readership by the time they appear. So the only people who look at them are the blogger's friends, and people from the future who dig back into the archive to research how to do their own first post.

(Of course, by the time they get to read it, they're no longer from the future, they're from the present and this blog entry will be in the past. If you see what I mean.)

So, hi to any friends who are reading this. And to the people from the future who may come along later, thanks for your interest, and I'd like to consider you as my friends, too.

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