Happy Together

Gary Bonner & Alan Gordon
Women's four part
Men's four part
Other voicings

Women's key:
Tenor: E4 – F#5
Lead: G3 – C#5
Bari: F#4 – B4
Bass: F#3 – F#4

Men's Key:
Tenor: A3 – B4
Lead: C3 – F#4
Bari: B3 – E4
Bass: B2 – B3

Mixed voices:
Tenor: E4 - E5
Lead: G3 - A4
Bari: E3 - G4 (optional A4)
Bass: B2 - E4

Based on the Turtles version, this was arranged to the brief: make it easier than David Wright’s :-)

It is published by the Barbershop Harmony Society (catalogue no. 8639), and is available from the Harmony Marketplace It is also available via Sheet Music Plus for customers outside the US/Canada (links below)

This is probably my most performed arrangement, so there are lots of recordings out there. Here is a nice multi-tracked one by an anonymous youtube user, a live quartet performance that acts out the musical textures throughout, and how it sounds sung by a chorus.