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Just before the recent LABBS convention, I came to the decision that I would stand down from the role of barbershop contest judge at the end of 2013. I have told my judging colleagues, and I am choosing to tell you in my blog so that it won’t be too much of a surprise to you next time we meet at a barbershop event and I’m not on duty. With any luck we may even get to talk about something other than this when we next meet!

It is simply that I have been serving as a registered judge for 13 years and feel like that's enough for now, thank you.

You know how it is when somebody gives you a piece of cake, and you think, 'Ooh how exciting!' And then they offer you another piece, and you think, 'Lovely!' When they offer you a third piece, the cake is as nice as it ever was, but you're a bit less excited by it. Sensible people don't wait until they've stopped enjoying it to stop eating.

And that's how it is here. It has been an honour and a delight to serve in this role. I have worked alongside many wonderful people, who I will continue to count as my friends, and it has enabled me to meet lots of cool people in both the British barbershop organisations, and those further afield.

Of course I feel a bit like I'm abandoning those friends, but I am comforting myself with the thought that the LABBS judging programme as a whole and the Music Category in particular are in good shape and in good hands, and I'm not really leaving them in the lurch. And I will continue to work with the Education and Judging team on education projects such as the programme for chorus director development.

So now you know why I mangled the Douglas Adams quote so badly in the title to this post. It's not 'So long' as I'll still be sticking around making myself useful, and my appetite metaphor to explain the decision worked better with cake than with fish (since I am a human being and not a dolphin).

Though now I think about it, it’s actually my consumption of sweets that will drastically reduce now I’m no longer spending hours at a time with little bowls of temptation in front of me. If you have ever wondered about giving the role of barbershop judge a try, you should know that they treat you very well...

We will all miss you sitting at that front table.... but hope that you will enjoy just being around. It would be a very strange convention if we didn't meet up with yourself and Jonathan.

One of the things I am looking forward to is more time to meet up with people at conventions!

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