You Do Something to Me

Cole Porter
Men's four part

Tenor: B3 - C5
Lead: D3 - G4
Bari: F#3 - G4
Bass: G2 - B3

This song comes from Cole Porter's first full musical, Fifty Million Frenchmen, and appears early in the first act where hero and heroine first fall for each other. The first film version omitted all the songs, but this was one of several re-inserted for the 1934 version entitled Paree, Paree.

The arrangement takes the performances by Andy Williams and Frank Sinatra as its main reference points.

Here is a link to Tuxedo Junction giving the arrangement its contest premiere in 2011 (it is labelled incorrectly in the playlist - don't let that confuse you, you'll know when you get to the chorus that you're listening to the right song!).