Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Jim Steinman
Other voicings

Tenor: B flat 3 - C5
Lead: D3 - G4
Bari: B flat 2 - G4
Bass: G2 - A flat 3
Solo: G3 - B flat 4

This is an extended drama in rock 'n' roll. Meatloaf's story tells of young love, young lust, hasty decisions and adult regret in a multi-sectioned song that verges on the operatic in its narrative urgency and expressive range.

The arrangement features a female soloist, and an optional spoken narrative section in the middle. It is shorter than Meatloaf's version, but still a full five minutes in length. It was originally commissioned along with my other two Meatloaf arrangements, but the three together are just two expressively huge to work as an a cappella show set. This one would work as a strong statement-piece, either as a closer, or the penultimate number followed by something shorter and lighter.