No One Is Alone

Stephen Sondhein
Men's four part

Tenor: C#4 - B4
Lead: C#3 - E4
Bari: D#3 - F#4
Bass: G#2 - A3

From the musical Into The Woods, this is a wistful, contemplative ballad that explores human fallibility and moral doubt, but keeps circling back to the essentially reassuring message of its title. The harmonic language echoes this balance of reassurance uncertainty and reassurance in its use of extended dissonant chords, but within an entirely diatonic palette.

This arrangement is published by the Barbershop Harmony Society (stock# 208972). Whilst they only ship to the US and Canada, they do offer to help with licensing elsewhere in the world, and since this arrangement has never (to my knowledge!) been licensed outside North America, that is probably your best port of call in the first instance.