The Internationale for Remainers

Pierre Degeyter
Other voicings

Soprano: A3 - D5
Alto: G3 - A4
Tenor: E3 - E4
Bass: G2 - A3

Like my arrangement for the Ode to Joy, this was arranged for the Unite for Europe march on 25th March 2017. Ian Miles again wrote the words.

It is pitched in the key of G so as to make the melody accessible to those in the 'not really sure what part I sing but I can crank out a good tune' category. The whole could easily be pitched up into A flat or A for more orthodox choral performance. Indeed, I would say that the words will really come into their own in a more performance-like setting than a march, though you could probably inveigle an up-for-it audience to join in the refrain.

Please help yourself to this for free. Very happy for anyone, anywhere to sing it, but please do keep the acknowledgements of authorship and purpose on all distributed copies.

If you'd like to pay something to say thank you, please make a donation to one of the causes I support.