Don't Know Why

Jesse Harris
Women's four part
Other voicings

Women's voicing:

Tenor: F4 - F5
Lead: B flat 3 - C5
Bari: B flat 3 - E flat 5
Bass: D3 - F4

Mixed voicing:
Tenor: D4 - D5
Lead: G3 - A4
Bari: G3 - C5
Bass: B2 - D4

Norah Jones won 3 Grammy awards in 2003 for her cover of this gentle yet poignant ballad. The arrangement follows the original very closely in its form and harmonic choices, but builds it into the more intense emotional arc expected by barbershop contest audiences.

When transposed for mixed voices, the lie of the lines suggests a male lead and female baritone would work best - i.e. STAB rather than SATB (though that is an unfortunate acronym!). This version is notated using bass alta for the lower stave (i.e. sounding an octave higher than written, as traditionally used for female barbershop) as this gives fewer leger lines to read.

Here it is at its contest premiere in 2017, sung by Fascinating Rhythm: