If I Were a Boy/Girls Medley

Gad/Carlson; Toussaint/Jenkinson/McDonald
Women's four part
Other voicings

Tenor: G3 - F#5
Lead: G3 - E4
Bari: G3 - A4
Bass: C3 - G4
Descant 1: A4 - F#5
Descant 2: C4 - D5

This is a medley about female strength. 'If I Were a Boy', made famous by Beyonce, gives a critique of male privilege as it plays out in relationships that is both nuanced and heartfelt. Interpolated into this are bold and harmonically daring riffs that announce the appropriation of power even more directly than the core message, 'Here come the girls'.

It is a in some ways a demanding sing - in particular, it leaves the leads to handle the full range of the melody, rather than sharing it out between different parts. It also features an optional 2-part descant to add extra opulence to the sound-world on the approach to the climax of the second song.

Here is Amersham A Cappella performing it at the World Harmony Showcase in November 2017: