We Are Family

Women's four part

Tenor: D4 - F#5
Lead: A3 - C5
Bari: C#4 - C#5
Bass: D3 - A4

This arrangement of Sister Sledge's classic disco anthem of togetherness was created for Venus Effect, the first recipients of the Jen Mills award, which funds a quartet to commission a new arrangement in memory of Jen, a LABBS judge, coach and arranger who passed away far too young. I had helped Jen in her early years as an arranger, and she in turn had been Venus Effect's first coach, so we wanted this inaugural arrangement in her name to be a celebration of the bonds of love forged within singing organisations such as LABBS.

The chart thus builds in an optional section of audience participation, to extend the love beyond the ensemble to the entire occasion; this develops into the audience carrying the tune while the quartet embellishes over the top.

It also draws a good many details from both the vocal embellishments and instrumental parts of the original, to make the most of Venus Effect's way of responding to musical moments and making them sparkle.

They were due to premiere the arrangement at LABBS Convention in 2020, so as it went virtual, the premiere came in this video: