It's Still Rock and Roll to Me

Billy Joel
Men's four part

Tenor: E flat 3 - A4
Lead: E flat 3 - G4
Bari: E flat 3 - F4
Bass: G flat 2 - B flat 3

Billy Joel's classic declaration of musical love that transcends fashion seems particularly well suited to barbershop ensembles. The lyrics sparkle through an infectious groove, making this a feel-good song that will lift the spirits of any audience.

The arrangement follows the original in starting out with a sparse texture that builds up into fuller harmonies through the course of the song. It also takes the implicit dialogue within the lyrics, that Joel articulates with a change of vocal colour, and makes it more explicit by giving question and answer to different voice parts.

Here it is sung by The Telfordaires as a recording project for BABS Virtual Convention 2021: