Speak/Sing Medley

Joe Stilgoe/ Bobby Darin
Men's four part

Tenor: G3 - D flat 5
Lead: F3 - G4
Bari: F#3 - A4
Bass: A flat 2 - E flat 4

This is a medley of Joe Stilgoe's 'I Really Shouldn't Be Allowed to Speak' in which the protagonist enumerates his social ineptitude in a lyric of ironically dazzling wit, and Bobby Darin's 'As Long As I'm Singing', in which the protagonist takes joy in the way singing helps your life turn out well in a cheerful flowing melody.

The arrangement's main technical challenge is in enunciating Stilgoe's crystalline lyric-writing at speed, while its artistic challenge is in handling the range of emotional worlds the narrative encompasses. It includes a moment for optional featured quartet.