Women's four part

Tenor: B flat 3 - D flat 5
Lead: B flat 3 - D flat 5
Bari: B flat 3 - B flat 4
Bass: A flat 3 - F4

This hit by Duffy was written in 2008, but its sound world evokes music of 40 years previous to that. Its bassline makes explicit reference to Ben E King's 'Stand By Me', while its harmonic riffs and melodic styling have been compared to songs by The Supremes and Aretha Franklin.

The arrangement was commissioned by Young Women in Harmony, and keeps all the parts in the centre of the voice so as not to strain young ranges. This results in a tight , bright sound that captures the feel of original's Hammond organ. It also uses a variety of texture - from full unisons, to duets, to full four-part harmony - so is much more suited to chorus than quartet.