Haven't Met You Yet

Michael Bublé, Alan Chang & Amy Foster-Gilles
Men's four part

Tenor: A flat 3 - C5
Lead: D flat 3- G4
Bari: D flat 3 - G4
Bass: F2 - D flat 4

This is the first single from Michael Bublé's fourth album, Crazy Love. It is feel-good music at its finest: a song in which the protagonist is as yet without love, but filled with optimism that it will come his way in due course and be wonderful. The arrangement's challenges are in the dimensions of range and stamina - it is a reasonably long sing and wants confidence in the upper as well as lower registers for all four voices - but is relatively straightforward as regards harmonic language and rhythmic structure.

It is conceived as a barbershop show tune that features all four singers on parts of the melody through the song. It is written in the key that Bublé sings it in, though it has room to be transposed lower if you have a bass with a good low range.

N.B. The price on SMP includes 4 copies