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Making Your Nerves Work For You

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For those people who were at the LABBS Education Day at Little Chalfont on Saturday, here as promised are the slides that accompanied my break-out session.

For those of you who weren't there, this is an overview of the areas we covered. It doesn't have all the explanatory stuff that said what the slides mean, but I think it has enough detail that it can be of some use.

I'll be posting some more articles on some of the themes in here over the coming weeks, so if you're patient, anything that looks too cryptic here may yet be explained.

Incidentally, as anyone who's seen me present before will know, I prefer to have people doing things and interacting rather than using slides, and when I do use slides I'd rather use pictures than bullet points. (Indeed, the whole bullets point thing is a bit of a bête noir for me.) But as I prepared for this session, I was surprised to discover that actually a lot of the content fitted into bulletted lists simply and clearly, so it would have seemed unduly contrary not to have used them!

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