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The 5-30 Practice Programme: Time to Report

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Quick reminder to those who have been participating in June’s singing practice experiment: please let me have your feedback on how it has gone for you.

What you need to send in are three things:

  1. A list of days you did/did not actually do the practice routine
  2. Your notes from the end of each week on how you found it as you went through
  3. Your final notes on the overall experience

Having said that, if you don’t have all of those, just send in what you do have.

This isn’t because I don’t care about the bits you didn’t get round to noting (if you have everything, that’s wonderful!), but because incomplete records themselves tell a useful story about people’s experiences. Two weeks practising every day followed by nothing tells of a different experience from two days on three days off all month. And if you only got as far as thinking you might join in but didn’t get round to it, that’s useful information too.

I have a variety of hypotheses about how I thought people might get on, and I have a blog post drafted which walks through my thinking on them. I made sure to get these ideas committed to paper before I started seeing the results people sent in – so I can see just how right or wrong I was in my assumptions! However, I am not going to publish it until next week, so that participants get a chance to record what actually happened without interference from my expectations. That way we all get the opportunity to be surprised.

I know there are a number of people who started a bit late, so if that’s you, then finish your 30 days before sending your notes in. I’m planning to start work on the analysis during the morning of 11 July, which I think will give most people the chance to complete and report. But if you got going at the start of June, send in your report today while you remember. You will feel good to get it off your to-do list in a timely fashion.

And I am pleased to announce that Myra gets the prize for being the first to send in her notes, so she gets to feel especially pleased with herself.

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