Bad Guys/Down and Out Medley

Paul Williams
Men's four part

Tenor: C3 - B4
Lead: C3 - F#4
Bari: C3 - F#4
Bass: F2 - C4

This is a medley of two songs from the film Bugsy Malone. It opens with the cheeky delight in transgression of 'Bad Guys', before transitioning into the darker, but determined world of 'Down and Out'. Bass melody in the upper part of the range here raises the emotional temperature as the song shapes what is ultimately a message of optimism, leading back into the reprise of 'Bad Guys' from the end of the movie. Conflict is transformed into resolution, bad guys can choose to be good.

This was designed to form part of a contest package with Bugsy Malone using songs from the same film.