You Don't Own Me

Women's four part

Tenor: E flat 4 - F5
Lead: G3 - D5
Bari: G3 - C5
Bass: D3 - F#4

This is a song that, paradoxically, feels both evocative of a particular historical moment and timeless. In it's first guise, as sung by Lesley Gore in 1963, it is a harbinger of both the sexual revolution and Second Wave feminism. Three decades later, as the closing sequence to the movie The First Wives Club, it is full of confidence and joie de vivre, but by 2016, when released by Grace, it has turned darker, as G-Eazy's rap dramatises the control man the song addresses.

This arrangement positions the song as a statement of strength and defiance, and re-appropriates material from the rap to craft an original bridge.

Here is Fascinating Rhythm giving its contest premiere in 2017: