Messin' with Fire

Clare Teal
Women's four part

Tenor: E4 - F5
Lead: A3 - E5
Bari: A#3 - D5
Bass: D3 - A4

Clare Teal's jazz original explores the disruptive power of desire and the universality of risk-taking in human life. It is ambiguous as to whether the song is celebrating these qualities or warning us about them, but it certainly refuses to accept hypocrisy on the matter.

The arrangement casts the song as a barbershop contest up-tune, and taking harmonic risks that not so many years ago would have been seen as playing with stylistic fire in the BHS system (and probably would still be in SAI as of the time of writing in 2018). Texturally, though, it remains predominantly homophonic so as to let Teal's sparkling lyrics through.

It demands sizzling rhythmic skills and an up-for-it attitude, and delivers an exciting ride for singers and audience alike.

Here is its contest premiere, sung by the Venus Effect: