I Won't Dance

Jerome Kern & Dorothy Fields
Women's four part
Men's four part

Tenor: F3 - B flat4
Lead: D3 - G4
Bari: E flat 3 - A flat 4
Bass: A flat 2 - C#4

Tenor: C4 - F#5
Lead: A3 - D5
Bari: B flat3 - E flat5
Bass: E flat 3 - F#4

This arrangement uses the second version of this song, with Dorothy Fields' playful lyrics, as sung by Frank Sinatra. It is one of those songs where the words are saying one thing, but the music is telling you the exact opposite, the contradiction giving the whole an expressive spritz and energy that carries it along as much as the brisk swing rhythms.

Here is Hallmark of Harmony performing it to win the BABS championship on its contest premiere (starts at 4:55):

And here is Viva A Cappella singing it at Sweet Adelines International Convention in 2016 (starts at 4:50). They have shortened it to fit the time constraints of SAI contest; I will supply the full length, but if you need to shorten in, the cut they make here works.